Mother's Yay!

Tell your mum how you REALLY feel this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and shops are filling up with the usually array of cuddly toys, boxes of chocolates, mugs and ornaments as well as the seemingly endless reams of Mother’s Day cards to choose from – most containing flowers, sickeningly sweet messages of gratitude and a whole lot of fluff and fuss.

I don’t know about you, but I never find myself gushing to my mum about how “honoured” I am that she’s my mum or how much I appreciate all the devotion, care and love she has given me. I mean, obviously I am very grateful, and she does love us a lot (who wouldn’t, right?) but who actually speaks like that to their mothers on a day to day basis? If you have anything like the relationship I do with my mum and popped round to thank her for all she has done and how amazing she is and how much her and everything she has done for me since childhood has been appreciated, she would probably either faint or have me committed!

Some mothers do ‘ave ‘em

Me and my mum, we don’t go in for all that frill and fuss, and there’s no point in buying a card she’s not going to appreciate just because it’s Mother’s Day. If like me, you love your mam, but you want your Mother’s Day card this year to be a little different and to tell her what you really feel, while giving her a good laugh, then this range of cards is just right for you.

Best Fucking Mum Ever

Get a bit more real this Mother’s Day and let her know simply that she is the best mum out there with this simple statement of love. Short and sweet, this card is bound to stand out on her mantelpiece – and she’ll appreciate the sentiment so much more than you going on about how great her home cooked meals were – Fish Fingers and McCain’s Oven Chips anyone??

Future Arse Wiper

This Mother’s Day, why not let mum know that no matter what, you are going to be there for her. Most people worry about getting old and to know that you will be there to care for her – even as far as arse wiping (Let’s face it, she did it for you!) - in her old age is bound to put a smile on her face.

Remember where you came from…

There are tons of great cards in our Mother’s Day range, but nothing says you’re grateful for your mum by reminding her you know where you came from and the pain you’ve put her through.  This card is sure to be a beautiful reminder of the day she sweated and swore her way through that 23-hour labour. You were worth it though.

A not-so-sweet scratchcard

Why not include this hilarious little treat in your Mother’s Day card this year? Mums love a surprise and that’s bound to be what she gets here – even if it’s not the one she’s hoping for. If mum’s been nagging for grandkids, this little gem of a scratch card will leave her thinking she is going to get just that until she gets to the last panel, although if mum has a temper it might be worth checking out your escape route before handing it over…

Don’t be late!

Mother’s Day is on the Sunday 11th March this year and so if you are wanting to order one of these unique cards this year, you need to get your order in by 8th March at the latest to ensure delivery in time… otherwise you might have to actually produce a grandchild to make up for it!! Browse our full range here to find the perfect card for your mum this year – obscenities and all!