OBSCENITY MYSTERY BOX (there's a swear on everything!)

OBSCENITY MYSTERY BOX (there's a swear on everything!) PRE ORDER FOR 1ST DECEMBER!

OBSCENITY MYSTERY BOX (there's a swear on everything!)

****IMPORTANT INFORMATION, PLEASE READ FIRST BEFORE BUYING***If you've purchased a mystery box, or items from me before, please let me know in the box below, or the comment box at the checkout what you DON'T want included in your box. I don't want to double up on anything you may already have.

Only 16 available. £37.70 box will get you £70+ worth Obscenity goodies!!!(Inc signed for 1st class postage*)DOUBLE THE VALUE OF CUNTY GOODS IN THESE BOXES!
WTF is inside?A bunch of obscenity greeting cards. Please choose what occasion you'd like on the the cards below (birthday, Christmas, a mix...), if left blank you'll get a mixture of random occasion cards, but don't worry, all of them will be funny AF!
An obscene Mug, Sweary Pens & a Notebook, Badges, stickers, and lots more cool sweary stuff, some of which aren't even sold on my website - you wont be disappointed! Oh, and a shit load of COCK-FETTI!!
Oooooh, I love a fucking mystery me... 

Packaged in a protective hard box with lots of stuffing and shit to stop stuff breaking.
*This will be sent 1st class singed for via Royal Mail which costs £4.70, hence the cost of the box. I'll supply tracking numbers once dispatched.

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